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Thread: Laying eggs but not hatching

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    Laying eggs but not hatching

    My two tiels lay the eggs but they won't hatch. They had one hatched clutch of 3 this time last summer. Also they don't allow any bedding of any kind in nest.They are in an outdoor avairy with parakeets(which do hatch their eggs) and zebra finches. These surrounds are not a problem for them.

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    Re: Laying eggs but not hatching

    Hi, and welcome! How old are your tiels, and what diet and seeds or pellets do you provide them? Have they been together for quite along time?

    I will say that budgies, being smaller, and more active birds, are often a distraction to cockatiels, and somewhat of a nuisance to them. If it were me, I would separate the cockatiels and allow them their own cage. Were your pair originally breeders, or did they come from a breeding stock, or were they very young when you got them? If they are 7-8 years old, or older, it is possible the male may not be as fertile as he once was, and although they do mate, his sperm is not fertilizing the eggs.

    Do they have a wooden nest box? It is not unusual for pairs to not want nesting material in the box. That is OK for now, and then, if and when the eggs hatch, you can provide a small amount.

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    Laying eggs but not hatching

    Do you have just the one female or a male and a few females togethe, because i have the same problem i have a male and three females in together hens are laying eggs but not sitting on them

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    Four eggs found today from my four free ranging hens, with three of those eggs laid in a small coop; how convenient is that

    Yours cannot be too far off laying Mr Bellmere

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