I just wanted to share some photos of the latest addition to our family: Izzy.
Named after Eddie Izzard, due to his gender-fluid nature and the fact that the shop said she's a she, but she shows some male behavior. We decided to pick a cute name that can go either way.
Izzy is about 3-4 months old. She's loving, playful and a really great baby. After losing our beloved Stoli who passed at the age of 13, we needed another baby to love. When we went looking at birds in the shop, this little white face was so happy to see us! She started running back and forth and bobbing, she was the only one that seemed to be truly interested in us. We knew she was the one!

I've included some extra shots in case it might help identify Izzy's gender. The one of her and Ghost is there just because it's so darn cute! He was good friends with Stoli, and he warmed up to his new feathered sibling quite quickly.

Izzy Album

(I would have posted the images here, but the BBcode for resizing wouldn't work, and I didn't feel like editing them all to be smaller. Sorry.)