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Thread: Not eatig seeds

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    Not eatig seeds

    So my tiel is about 7-8 weeks was told from breeder that its weaned, but notice that his not eating his seeds but will go crazy for his millet spray as if he been starved any idea why?

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    Re: Not eatig seeds

    Hi, and welcome to the community. He is very young to be sent to a new home. Usually, 12 weeks is about the time breeders send home new babies. The millet seed will be fine for him, but he also needs regular seed. So, try taking about a tablespoon of the seed, and sprinkle a few drops of organic no sugar, but natural apple juice on it. Take a baby spoon, and see if he will eat some of that mix. Also, take the budgie seeds, and some millet seeds, put in his food cup, and sprinkle the apple juice over that as well. He will soon get used to his seeds. Also, feed some small pieces of whole wheat bread, and some fresh chopped leaf lettuce, in a cup, or on a plate. You can sprinkle a little apple juice over that as well. Try chopping various fresh fruits and veggies for him as well.

    The sweetness of the apple juice seems to help to get them eating other foods and seeds.

    After a few weeks,begin feeding the millet as as a treat only. By then he will be eating several different foods and seeds.

    Millet has both good nutrition as well as water content. Both will keep him hydrated righ now. You may consider getting a can of baby bird formulas, and feed according to directions on can. You can feed that with a plastic syringe, or the baby food spoon. Feed slowly, and not a lot. The baby food formula can aspirate to the lungs, if overfed.

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    Re: Not eatig seeds

    Please take Ellen's advice also, see if you can get some bird formula asap from the pet store. A good reputable breeder would know better not to adopt any bird until it reaches a minimum of 12 weeks.

    Sounds to me that your bird regressed, meaning that it wasn't fully weaned. Would the breeder be willing to take your bird back temporarily until it can eat on it's own?? Technically, your bird is hungry and it needs more nutrition than just millet.

    I know it's not your fault, but breeders like the one you purchased your tiel from makes me pretty angry.

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