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Thread: help

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    I was supposed to have my lovebirds nail clipped and the groomer misunderstood and took all his flight feathers. I have not had him clipped for three years, (he is three) and I only had him clipped then, so he could get used to his surroundings without hurting himself. He used to fly with fervor around this house, chirping and being happy. It has been two days now and he is extremely down. Can anyone help me. My heart is absolutely broken and I know his is as well. Will he come back to himself? It also looks like she did a hack job, because when he stretches, they look horrible.
    What should I do?

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    Re: help

    Awww!! I am so sorry this has happened. I do not think there is anything to do right now, but when you see the flights starting to grow back, find an Avian vet, or call one that can refer you to a good wing clip tech. Take him there, and a good tech can start to straighten out those chopped feathers. It will it probably take several clips over a period of time to restore his flight feathers back to normal. Right now, I imagine his wings are not in balance if they were poorly clipped, so, it is quite normal he is really down and out, because his normal flight is taken away. Ugh

    Spend as much time as you can with him. Give him treats. And hugs and scritches. Also, consider getting him a small play gym at the pet shop. Set it up in a convenient place, where you will be close by, and also so he can play on it, and eat treats and other good foods, placing them on the bottom of the gym, or wherever it will perk his interest. This will help him tremendously, to feel more like his normal life with you.

    Sadly, this does happen to bird owners on occasion. And anything else you can think of to perk him up, go for it! Please feel free to post updates.
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    Re: help

    I am sorry they did this to your bird and sadly there is not anything that will help except time. It will take perhaps months for his feathers to grow back in or perhaps sooner if he is ready to molt. This is super sad they clipped his wings and not his nails.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.


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