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Thread: Advice/help please?

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    Advice/help please?

    Ok do weird title I know and I'm sorry about that but I really didn't know what to call this. But anyway my real question is this. I currently own 8 budgies and have owned them for 8 months now. I love them all so much and interact with them everyday so I have experience with birds. My mom loves birds too and told me a few months ago that in a year or two we will be getting another larger bird like a conure. I was fine with this deal until the other day when we went to the bird store and they had an adorable, friendly jenday conure. He was the most sweet and perfect bird ever and I totally fell in love. I know this sounds super childish but I really feel we are ready for another bird and I think he would be perfect but I'm not sure how my mom would react to me saying that. Does anyone have any advice? Such as if I should just wait another year for a different bird? And if you think I should ask how should I go about that without making her have a negative reaction? All replies are appreciated

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    Re: Advice/help please?

    Hi, and welcome. I would have a talk with my mom, and say something like this.

    When we were in the petshop, I saw that Jenday conure, and I just love him or her. Do you think there is a possibility we could get that bird, or is it too early yet, since our budgies are only 8 months old? I will abide by whatever you decide. I sure would like us to have that one though.

    By being kind and not determined, she might decide to get it. If not, no worries. There are birds in petshops all the time, and I am sure you will see others you love there, in the future.

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