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Thread: Got new baby budgie, not going to well. Need tips

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    Got new baby budgie, not going to well. Need tips

    So I wanted to get my feral budgie a friend since the last one found his way out of the window behind the net. However, every budgie I had were never tame, so I decided to dedicate some time to tame this one, unlike my other budgie who is just feral and vicious. I have her in a bird carrier since I don't want to introduce her to my feral budgie yet, not sure If I should just put her into the cage with my feral one or not. Any way, so right now, he keeps flying into the walls of the bird carrier, splashing his water and seeds around, and my feral budgie trying to interact with her is not really helping as it seems to wind her up and make her want to get out. Do I leave her in the carrier untill the new cage arrives or do I just let her out and get introduced to the feral budgie? Im just worried that mixing them together before she is tamed will cause her to learn from the feral one and never become tame.

    I saw her drinking so thats one thing I don't have to worry about atleast.
    EDIT: he seems to have clamed down once i put some quiet lofi (Low fidelity) music on.

    Also, im usually up for just about the entire night working on my business, should I cover up the new budgie who isnext to me for the night? I don't want to disturb its sleep.
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    Re: Got new baby budgie, not going to well. Need tips

    Hi, and welcome. When is your new bird cage arriving? Small budgie carriers are basically for taking them to vets or for an emergency. I think this little carrier is probably stressing the little budgie, because he or she has very little room, and not a lot of air either. You are in a difficult time with them, because as you say, you do not want the other one to get aggressive with the new one either. I suggest trying to introduce them in the cage together, for about 10-15 minutes a few times a day,for starters. See how they react to each other. Hopefully, they will like each other. You can be watching them, and if you see any aggression, then put the new one back in the carrier, until the new cage gets there.

    And, yes, taking a light weight sheet or blanket to cover the cage or cages is s good idea, at night, and also, in the day, three sides with front side open, if you are running a room air conditioner, or, in the winter, if it is very cold there. Budgies and all caged birds can get drafts from both summer and winter and they can get sick. Personally, I like to cover my two bird cages, all four sides, every night, the year around, because, they are less apt to get night frights from sounds they may hear at night, from both inside and outside the home.

    Further, it is always a good idea to not allow them to fly all over the home. Pick one room for them to explore such as a bedroom. Also, always pull blinds and or curtains, and remove all mirrors from walls, when they are flying free, and always turn off all ceiling fans,if you have them, when they are out of cage. Keep them out of the kitchen, and away from electrical appliances, electric cords, which they love to chew, falling behind furniture, and any hot water, in a sink, they could fly into, and also computer keyboards. Tbey love the keys, and can pull them out.
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