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Thread: Suffocated budgie

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    Suffocated budgie

    So, my first budgie basically just died, and I have something big on my mind.

    Basically, he was seizing up (no not a seizure), he couldn't use his legs or claws, or open his beak, he was incredibly weak and could barely hold his head up, so I did what I thought was necessary and suffocated him with a wet tissue. He struggled slightly, but eventually stopped.

    What's on my mind is this, and I'm gonna be truthful here. I heard his panting during the suffocation, but I kept at it, however at one point I stopped to see if he was done. He was still breathing, but he had gone basically paralysed, unable to even blink, so I quickly finished the job. That image is burned into my head, and I just wanna ask if people think I did the right thing? I think I did, because he was probably going to starve to death or sieze up completely, but I just can't help but feel guilty and remember his squeaks. Thank you for your responses.

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    Re: Suffocated budgie

    All I can say is you relieved him of his discomfort that he was going to have slowly dying like he was. If he couldnt move and do anything else then he was obviously not going to make it through this. I sure could not have done what you did but since you were strong enough to do it I feel you did the right thing. I can only imagine the agony and sorrow you have right now and nothing we will say will take away those last minutes with him. Only time will heal your pain. Sending you lots of good thoughts and hope somehow you can find your peace. I do feel horrible for you
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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