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Thread: Dry coughing

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    Dry coughing

    I have noticed that if I stay at home for long periods of time during school holidays I would start dry coughing 24/7, it started happening when I got my second budgie, I was wondering if it is due to the dander? I clean their cages twice a day but I do not have a air purifier. Their cages are also placed near the window which is open most of the time unless they are out. I have also noticed that I have started to find difficulty breathing in cold places. I went to the doctor once and she prescribed me some allergy medicine but it did not seem to help much. The coughing seems to stop when I start to go out more, would an air purifier help? Iím worried that I might develop asthma but I really want to keep my birds. Thank you in advance!

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    Re: Dry coughing

    It may help to run a cool air humidifier. Humidifiers put moisture back into the air. In my view, your dry cough tells me you need more moisture in the air. Air purifiers are also helpful, but I have found I was constantly having to replace the filters, because they collect dust, dander, and pollens which get in the home from outside.

    I have lots of pollen outside my home, and it does cause allergies. I do not like to take allergy over the counter items. For me, they give me dry eyes, and dry throat as well.

    I have had no problem with budgie dander over the years, but cockatiels do have powder which goes everywhere, in my home, and I do have some allergy from that. I also am very allergic to bees, hornets, yellow jackets and wasps. A couple of years ago I got bitten by them, having many bites, and since then, the pollen during the spring and summer really is a problem for me.

    A good vitamin for allergies is called QBC. It is a combination of Quercitin, Bromolain, and Vitamin C. It is one vitamin cap, and does help me a lot. You should be able to find it at a health food store, or on line at Amazon, or other vitamin stores. The brand I use is Soloray, but there are other brands available as well.

    I would say your allergy is more connected to environment than the budgies.,
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    Re: Dry coughing

    Im glad that it is probably not caused by my budgies, will try out the cool air humidifier and the vitamins, thank you for your great advice again

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