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Thread: no cuddling no touching any more-doest let me

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    no cuddling no touching any more-doest let me


    I have one budgie which is semi-tame. He comes to my finger, to my shoulder or leg and so on. But I cant touch him no way. Later I bought a baby budgie. He was very tame, I thought. I cuddled with him every morning and tried so hard that he stays tame. He was not afraid of me or my hand. Then he became an adult in very short time. Now he flies around with his buddy and does not let me touch him, no more cuddling no touching, nothing. Why did this happen? It can not be that he acts like the other one, because I already tamed him as a baby budgie.

    now I do have two budgies, that fly around the whole day in my room and poos everywhere. Into glasses into dishes, into my meal, on my table on my leg. I am ok with this, but not with going wild...https://ibb.co/3RvJ5cB

    any ldeas?
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    Re: no cuddling no touching any more-doest let me

    It has to be becuase it has a new bird friend to play and be with now. Maybe if you try to let him out without the other bird he will be more interested in you. Give him time alone with you and time with his bird friend so all of you will be happy.
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    Re: no cuddling no touching any more-doest let me

    It is possible you may have a female and a male. Usually, a bond with males is very strong, and does not interfere with your friendship with them. When a female arrives, that bond is somewhat lost, because the attention the budgie gave to you is now placed on his mate. You trained them as you should. I would suggest you allow them out of cage time in a smaller room in your home rather than free flight all over the house. There are dangers to them having total free flight. They can fall behind electrical appliances, and get electrocuted, fly into hot dish water or food, if they are out while you are eating, fall behind furniture and be injured, fly into walls, or walls with mirrors, (remove any mirrors from walls), and keep window curtains or blinds closed while they are out. And turn off any ceiling fans, or floor fans as well.

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