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Thread: Is this normal behavior or should I stop it?

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    Is this normal behavior or should I stop it?

    Hi guys,
    it took a lot of time and patience for my boy Zico to finally start hoping on my hand, but I did it. But for the last few days he's been doing this (in the video) whenever I approach my hand. My girl Evita is doing the same, only a tiny little bit harder. Both don't actually hurt me when doing that, only if they pull a nail too hard. Other than that, they just keep nibbling my fingers, and Zico specially moves weirdly (as you can see in the vid). Is that something normal, is it ok? Or should I stop them asap before they start to bite hard?https://youtu.be/DyG33JmUwFg
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    Re: Is this normal behavior or should I stop it?

    Are they babies, or very young as yet? I think they both are just experimenting with chewing on your fingers and hand, but, this behavior could turn into mating behavior as they get older. Personally, I would give them cage toys to use for that behavior, and not encourage them to do it with your hands. If they are close to a year old, mating behavior generally starts. Sometimes, even earlier at 9 months of age.

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