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Thread: My parakeet is in love with my cockatiel

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    My parakeet is in love with my cockatiel

    Hi everyone. So I have a gorgeous blue parakeet who is a male and a gorgeous cockatiel who is a female. He is in love with her. She has even laid eggs (not fertile and trust me I tried to do everything to get her not to lay eggs). They both are so protective of the neat. They both go inside and sometime he goes inside without her. He regurgitate food to her (I prevent it as much as possible) he follows her and preens her. He also gets so “excited” he tries to get on top of her but he is willing to go and orgasm on the bed and sometime even on us. My female the cockatiel likes to be preen on her face on her term. She hates anybody touching her (neither one bites).

    We can’t keep them together and are actively looking for a good home for him because I know cockatiels runs the risk of egg binding and her eggs will never be furtive and my male parakeet is looking a bit tired and his feathers on his stomach are getting a little patchy in color in my opinion. I am just worried that he will die of being heartbroken.

    Once he is settle in his new home can we introduce a parakeet? Or should I leave him alone? Sigh my heart is broken that I love both and I especially love that they don’t bite😂

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    Re: My parakeet is in love with my cockatiel

    Hi, and welcome. Once a hen begins laying eggs, she will continue to do so, even if she has no mate. I call her, a single hen. Without the budgie male stimulating her, she may cut back somewhat from laying eggs, but will at some point lay more.

    If it were me, I would make sure the budgie you get to befriend your current one is a male. That way, you will not have the same problem that you have now. Breeding is no easy feat. Having two male budgies, in my view, would be the best way to handle the situation. I do feel your budgie needs a new male friend ASAP!

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