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Thread: Normal Behavior?

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    Normal Behavior?

    Hiya! I'm a new budgie owner and recently got two budgies. I think they're males, but they're still young, so I'm not very sure. In any case, I've noticed that one seems to bully the other a bit. I've read around that it may just be them playing, but I've also seen that Blizzard (the bully) will sometimes try and take food from the other, or really just push them around just about. They still follow each other around, and hang very close together, but if Blizzard is being aggressive, I don't want to risk the other one being hurt.

    They're such a sweetheart.

    I haven't tamed them yet, since I just got them Saturday, but if anyone knows, please let me know!

    Also! Blizzard is very screechy. He literally doesn't tweet, but the other one does. The other one actually never screeches. They're like... Opposites.

    (any other tips are also greatly appreciated, last time I owned a bird was a temporarily rehabbed sparrow about four years ago, and budgies are vastly different, haha!
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