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Thread: finding bird rescues for adoption

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    finding bird rescues for adoption

    Hi! i was wondering if anyone knows any good reputable rescues on the west side for medium to small size birds. im looking to add another family member something similar to a Quaker parrot to my family. im in no hurry to go and get one and thought it would be a great idea to adopt seeing as how so many birdies are given up. im willing to drive to meet the right bird and i just wanted to get other peoples opinion/suggestions on how about to go looking for a good rescue. i currently just have two budgies but im prepared and have done research and im currently finishing up a cage that could easily hold a larger bird comfortably so the new addition will be very happy! any info helps thank you

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    Re: finding bird rescues for adoption

    May I ask where do you live? Try going on line and searching for rescues in your area. You also could call an Avian vet in your area, and ask them, if they might have a list of rescues in the area.

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    Re: finding bird rescues for adoption

    I agree we need to know where you live. I live in Northern California and we are lucky to have the Mickaboo Bird Rescue close by. They are awesome and the birds who are taken in by them are socialized and pampered by the best "bird" people. One of my friends takes in budgies and no doubt her birds all are sweet and very spoiled little foster birds.

    If you google bird rescues in your area it should bring up quite a few of them for you to look into. I know Mickaboo does not have a big shelter or anything and they take in birds and send them to one of the numerous foster parents for them to take care of. They spend lots of money on some of the foster birds who come in needing vet care because no way would they want a bird who is sick going to a new home.
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