Well hello there!

My name is Tara, I am a pet owner and lover, who also works in the pet industry. My husband and I share our home with:
- a Keeshond dog named Rommel, birthday July 25/09
- two cats, one DSH and one DLH, named Cupcake and Sprinkles, respectively. Their birthdays are April 27 and June 13, both of 2016.
- an African Grey Parrot, Congo, named Gemma, birthday December 29/12 (need to confirm)

I have had Gemma for the better part of three years now, after her initial family decided to move to a different country. They were unable to take her due to the prevalence of bird flu, her lack of leg band, and the overall cost of importation.

She is a very sweet bird (birb as she calls herself), and loves to sing and be goofy with us. Currently our living situation only allows me to let her out when I am home, as she does not have a bird room, but in the future, I would love to have room for her to be a little more explorative.

That is my crazy animal family in a nut shell.