I wanted to share my clubs website address again. We have done a lot of work and are very proud of it. We have also added a section on type bird standards. We added this so people could see all the types of canary's and what the standards are that define them. Like a dog breed, which would have a written standard to define what it should look like, birds have these as well. There is also show catalog PDF's so you can click on them and se what the show looks like and all of the canaries and finches in it. Like again a dog show, which has judging starting with breeds only to come up with the best of a breed, then the best of that breed competes in a group of dogs to get the best in that group, lastly then the best of the groups go up to compete for best in show, the birds follow a similar process. In birds you must win you class first, then breed/section, then division, then best in show. I know we discuss health aspects mostly here but I wanted anyone interested in seeing the other side of show world. It's not for everyone, but for the most serious of us, who just love birds, we work very hard to try and breed the very best there can be. The truest example of what a specific type of bird it may be. This is also why we stress so hard to seek out true show breeders, NOT breeders if one wishes to get a bird. Breeders just breed to sell most of the time, Show exhibitors breed the highest quality, to do anything but breed the healthiest and best defeats what they are after, which is the best. Go to