So I've gotten a cage, waiting on water silo, no mess feeder, and bird bath. I'm going to get toys, food( seed,spray millet,and cuttlebone), and water vitamins Friday or Saturday when I go to get the budgie, anything I'm missing?. How often do I need to clean water and food containers? Do I leave the bird bath on the cage all the time? If I'm getting the budgie Friday I'll have to bring him home and leave after maybe an hour or 2,
my parents are buying me cake and ice cream (my birthday was yesterday) so can't get out if it.. You guys think he'll be okay being by himself pretty much right after I get him? She said he is a baby. What should I use to cover the cage at night? Also thanks everyone who has been replying to my questions! Sorry I have so many questions, I just really want to try and do this right. I don't want to have a bird the can live 10 years plus to die from my neglect.