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Thread: A few newbie questions.

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    A few newbie questions.

    So I've gotten a cage, waiting on water silo, no mess feeder, and bird bath. I'm going to get toys, food( seed,spray millet,and cuttlebone), and water vitamins Friday or Saturday when I go to get the budgie, anything I'm missing?. How often do I need to clean water and food containers? Do I leave the bird bath on the cage all the time? If I'm getting the budgie Friday I'll have to bring him home and leave after maybe an hour or 2,
    my parents are buying me cake and ice cream (my birthday was yesterday) so can't get out if it.. You guys think he'll be okay being by himself pretty much right after I get him? She said he is a baby. What should I use to cover the cage at night? Also thanks everyone who has been replying to my questions! Sorry I have so many questions, I just really want to try and do this right. I don't want to have a bird the can live 10 years plus to die from my neglect.

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    Re: A few newbie questions.

    happy birthday and congrats on your budgie.

    water should be changed daily i gave my birds time alone in cages to adjust the first day so he should be fine but there are others who are wiser than me who could tell you if thats correct a light blanket like a baby blanaket or sheet should be ok just make sure there is uncovered is space at the bottom, i dont know if budgies suffer night frights like tiels do but perhaps leave i light or tv on in the room while your out. hope this helps

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    Re: A few newbie questions.

    Hi, and welcome. Here are some suggestions. Wash the cage inside and out by mixing some apple cider vinegar and warm water, washing it down with a dish cloth, or even paper towel. Also wipe toys you buy, but do not wet them, because sometimes the colored toys bleed the paint. Be sure to get a swing, and a couple of small mirrors to put in the cage. I place my mirrors on each end of a perch. Budgies love these! Also, wash seed and water cups before using. When you do get your baby, it is important to clean both seed and water cup everyday. They crack their seeds with their beak, and the chaff is left in the seed cup. It is a good idea to replace seed each day, as well as the water, because they often poop in both, and could get an infection from eating dirty seed and water. When you purchase seed, check the sack or box to see a fresh date, to be sure it is a current date. Also, it is a good idea to put some seed in a container, and then store the sack or box in the freezer. Then, when you need more seed, get it from the freezer bag or box. Freezing seed helps to prevent mold, or larvae from forming in the seed sack or box. You also will need a cuttle bone. This is calcium for your bird. You can get one at the pet shop. If possible, get a plastic holder for the cuttlebone, and throw away the metal holder that comes in the box with the cuttlebone. I have had birds who got injured from cutting their feet on that metal holder. You do not want this experience at all.

    I am a big believer in covering the cage, because it prevents drafts the bird can get from air conditioners, and the cold air in the winter. You can use a lightweight sheet or blanket. Cover three sides with front open in daytime, and fully cover at night, with the front side being open about 3-4 inches from bottom. Be sure to put a night light in the birds room, each night.

    It is not unusual for your new baby to not eat or drink for up to four days, and he or she may be afraid of you for awhile. Get a package of millet sprigs and offer millet to him or her, both in food cups and see if he or she would eat some off the top of the sprig, or in your hand. Millet is full of moisture, and helps to keep therm hydrated, until they begin eating and drinking regularly. Budgies love to eat. You will see them in the food cup all of the time. Try feeding some fresh leaf lettuce, and fresh cilantro. Never feed a budgie any fresh cabbbage or cabbage family veggies including kale, parsley, or broccoli or cauliflower. All have a phyto chemical in them that can cause esophagal tumors in budgies.

    This is a good start of suggestions for you. Post any other questions you might have. I am excited for you! I have homed budgies for many years, and they are loving, hardy, and total fun! We will watch for the good news of getting your budgie!
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