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Thread: Meet Connor + Biting Help?

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    Meet Connor + Biting Help?

    Hello fellow bird lovers!

    My name is Saoirse and I have a one year old pineapple GCC named Connor. I got him last December after my lovebirds passed away.
    He's been an absolute sweetheart for the entire time I've had him, up until now. The worst used to just be exploratory. He liked to try
    to play with my piercings, but that was something I was quick to put a stop to. I suspect a possible combination of things - hormones
    and recently getting out of his cone of shame and splint with a TON of pinfeathers coming in - triggered this.

    After one of our appointments in August, he started (beg pardon) humping my hand. I'd just put him aside/in his cage and ignore it.
    I don't want to scold him for it, since it's not his fault. I also immediately told everybody who ever has contact with him not to pet him
    in a way that might be stimulating. It's only been head scritches and the occasional help with pinfeathers since then.

    A few days before our final vet appointment to get everything off, he just went to town on my finger. Clamped down and sawed his beak
    right on in there. It tore the skin a bit, but didn't really bleed. I put him aside and ignored him for a while. He had his appointment and
    for a few days everything seemed normal. Then yesterday he went at me again. He tore a little chunk out of my index finger. That one
    did bleed and was quite painful. Today we were doing our normal daily routine and he ripped at my ear and left me a good number of
    bleeding and non-bleeding HARD bites on my hands.

    CW: blood

    There seems to be no particular rhyme or reason. He's never been territorial about me or his cage, and I cant imagine it would just
    suddenly come on out of the blue like this... I can be giving him scritches and he's loving it and suddenly turns, screams, and saws
    his beak into my hand. Or he'll give me his "want up" look, so I'll ask for a step up and he clamps right down. I've been trying not to give
    much of a reaction because I don't want him to get any sort of attention for it. Just put him in a time-out and ignore him.

    Someone suggested gently grabbing his beak until he lets go, which I tried a couple times, but that just made him dig in harder. That's out.
    I've read various things from different forums and write-ups. Some said it could be he's feeling ignored, but he gets plenty of attention when
    I'm with him. Maybe he's just bored and releasing his energy in an inappropriate way. He's never been much for toys. I've tried so many things.
    Play areas, foraging toys, toilet paper tubes, jingly cat toys, he just has no interest in playing with anything whether I try playing WITH him or
    leave him alone with things.

    He gets pellet food, with a tiny bit of pellet/seed mix for fun. He's not much of a veggie/fruit bird, but I've been working on that since he
    started getting curious about anything I happen to be eating (oh yeah, he'll go after my bagels with cream cheese, but spinach? pfff no).
    Despite the fact that he doesn't really play with anything, he has a good assortment of toys and climbing options in his cage.

    I'm just at a complete loss. I don't know if putting him in "time out" and ignoring him is the right thing to do or if there's something else I
    should be doing. It doesn't seem to be helping much regardless. He'll be in his time out for 10-ish minutes, seeming calm, so I go to take
    him out of it and he goes right back to tearing at me, so back he goes into "shun-the-bird-from-the-flock" land.

    Kind of sucks that this had to be my first post, but I figured if anybody would have some insight it would be you lovely folks.

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    Re: Meet Connor + Biting Help?

    I am sorry Conner is such a brat bird and know exactly how mean these little cute conures an be. My daughter has one named Tikki and he sounds just like Conner. He can be sweet as pie one minute and the next he is ripping off pieces of your skin. Those beaks really can hurt! Tikki gets vicious when he is feeling hormonal and sad to say he spends a whole lot of time in his cage when he is hormonal. He will be out on his play gym sweet talking you one minute and then fly over and take a nice bite out of you. I honestly give up on him when I am watching him and keep him in his cage when he is feeling hormonal to avoid the attacks. He flies at you and mauls you and flies away. Once he gets out of his hormonal moods which thankfully only last a few weeks at a time he is back to his sweet normal self. I think they get so frustrated when they are hormonal that it gives them rage and they take it out on us humans. Its awful, it hurts and sadly they just stay in the cage until they feel better in a few weeks or sometimes a bit longer. I know this dont help you but it least you know Conner isnt the only raging hormonal jerk Conure around, him and Tikki sound exactly the same. They even look the same, so cute but boy do they have a devil inside that comes out every now and then...
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Meet Connor + Biting Help?

    First Conner is absolutely a beautiful Pineapple conure. Second, I am total agreement with Deanna when it comes to the hormones.
    I don't know what time you put Conner in for the night, but I suggest that you do it before 6pm. The amount of daylight triggers hormones. Right now, my tiel gets up around 6:15 am and he is covered by 5:30 - 6:00 pm for the same reasons. He too can be a hormonal monster.

    Like you mentioned in your post, it's not his fault, also my bird is picky when it comes to his fruits and veggies. Some days he will eat it up and then there are other days he will look at me and with the look of "you expect me to eat this? I don't see any problem with the diet you have him on, you can't force feed him fruits and veggies, so I am totally on board with the pellets.

    It's going to take awhile. Hormones are all part of owning parrots. Just limit the amount of daylight exposure and try not petting or giving him scritches. That should help calm the hormones down and also be patient. Eventually, he will come back to himself. Food for thought: Now that you know the signs of hormones, you will know what to expect once or twice a year. Hope you heal quickly, just looking at those pics I am feeling that painful biting.
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