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Thread: I'm back

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    I'm back

    Hi everyone: sorry, I've been away for a long time. life just got too hectic.
    update on our Misty: She is now totally crippled, neither foot work, and her wing can't support flight. So her movements are limited to back and forth on her ladders from the food blows at the front of the cage to the back of the cage under the heating pad.
    She seems content though. She chirps all the time, and still loves scritches. She comes out of her cage reluctantly, but, after a bit settles and loves the pets, at least from me she does. not so much from my daughter and husband.
    as to new little ones, my daughter was given a pale faced baby lovebird yesterday. He/she is tame and steps up, but needs to be taught not to bite.
    we also got a new kitten, so my life is exciting keeping all the littles away from each other. Kitten and Lovie seem to want to play, but momma is saying no.
    ''Ill be coming around more from here on. Miss the group.

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    Re: I'm back

    Welcome back! It is great to see you back on the forum. I am sorry to hear that Misty is not able to get around anymore but it least she is still happy which means everything especially considering she cannot get around anymore. Poor girl but if she is happy that makes it all better because happiness is everything. A little lovie and a kitten together sounds like a scary pair to me and no doubt you are watching them both carefully so no accidents happen. My daughters cats do not bother her conure at all but once Tikki flew past one of them low enough to where the cat reached his paw up and clawed Tikki on his belly. It did bleed a little and my daughter did clean it well but most importantly took him straight to the vets where they cleaned it again and he was on antibiotics for a week afterwards. It was scary but thankfully the vet assured us he was going to be OK. Now Tikki never gets out of the cage time when the cats are in the house. It was a costly mistake but Tikki is fine and my daughter learned a hard way that even though you think it will never happen it really could.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: I'm back

    Hi, MJ, and welcome back to you, your family, and your flock. I am so sorry for Misty's disability, but you know, birds are just super courageous, brave, and adapt well to their disability. I am sending many scritches to her!

    My budgie , Muffin, will be 9 years old in a couple of days. About a year or so ago, I noticed he was blind, I don't really know exactly what happened, but I think the seed mix he ate had too much sugar in it, due to a chemical called maltrodextrin, which you often see in all kinds of products. It is a sugar alcohol, and I think it caused him to have diabetes. In any case, he is still a happy and loving budgie. I read on line to always leave the inside of the cage set like it was before the bird went blind, so that the bird can navigate the cage, and for Muffin, that has worked perfectly. I also got a new cockatiel, about a year or so ago, His name is Penny, and he is a real happy camper. He can beat his beak on the cage floor, or on his food cup, just like a human drummer. I taught him several rhythms! . For after all, my love for music, and the the piano, surely had to pass to my "FIDS"!!! . Their favorite TV programs are Sesame Street, Pinkalicious, and Daniel Tigers Neighborhood! They love those programs!

    Good luck with your new lovebird, and the best to you all. We will welcome your updates anytime. Good health, happiness, and love as well!
    Aloha. Ellen
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