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Thread: Stubborn parakeet

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    Stubborn parakeet

    My parakeet wont step up or perch on my hand. He seems to be afraid, however he will eat from my hand. When I let him out of his cage he comes out and totally ignores me. I need some advice please!

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    Re: Stubborn parakeet

    Hi, and welcome!! How old is your parakeet? Have you recently brought him into your home? If so, it takes time for them to adjust to their new home, and all birds are afraid of our hands, especially for awhile after we get them. You are making some progress though, because it is great he will eat seeds from your hand.

    When we let them out of cage, they just love to fly everywhere. The best approach is for you to take his cage to a small room in your home, such as your bedroom, close the door. Remove any mirrors from the walls, so he will not fly into them, and close windows, blinds and curtains. And turn off ceiling fans. Then, let him out of cage. Get some sprigs of millet at the pet shop. Also, take an unsharpened pencil and use it for s perch. Take a sprig of millet, and extend your arm out, as you do when he eats from your hand. Let him eat millet off the top of the sprig. Practice that exercise for a few days. Then, one day, take the pencil, and gently push it into his tummy area. That will make him step up. Then, let him eat millet off the sprig, and praise him...good boy!!!! Practice this exercise every day as well. Soon, he will not be afraid of your hands, and will be more eager to be with you, rather than flying all over.

    There are many dangers for them when flying free. Electric cords, falling behind appliances, or furniture, etc. It is important to always know where they are when out of cage. That is why a smaller room is best to let them fly free. I had a parakeet, years ago, who was out of cage, and crawled inside of an old TV that was turned on. Back in the old days, TVs had electric tubes that could electrocute birds. We looked everywhere for him, and he did not answer. After about an hour, we heard him chirping, and we found him. It was a miracle he did not get electrocuted.

    We will welcome your updates or questions anytime. I hope this info is of help to you.
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