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Thread: Colors and other new buddy breeder

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    Lightbulb Colors and other new buddy breeder

    I知 new to budgies. These are American budgies. I believe from reading that they are gray wing. The breeder I got them from was not the one that raised them. She was told they were clear wing. I thought I would come here for opinions. I disrupted their life in moving them to my aviary and only got one egg. I知 not sure yet if it痴 fertile but it痴 not looking promising. They abandoned it so I知 incubating it. I知 curious if anybody is able to give indications of what colors I might be able to expect from this pair or if I have to have parent lineage to do that.

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    Re: Colors and other new buddy breeder

    Years ago, I bred a pair, and all four eggs hatched. Two babies had feather coloring like mom,and two like dad. That is not to say that happens with all pairs. Your two are very beautiful and unique. I suggest you going to a website called The Budgie Place. You will see a link on top of home page called mutations. It is a fun to see all the mutations. Perhaps you can find the info you need there. Also try searching for national budgidar society. That too, should have good info.

    If they are new to breeding, the first time or so, some eggs may not be fertilized, or, the hen can lay eggs sporadically, rather than every other day, or, even off a perch, which often breaks the egg.

    Since you have incubated the egg, I feel the hen will lay more eggs to replace it. Often times, hens ignore their newly laid eggs, for awhile, and do not set on any of them until later in the cycle, which is about 21-25 days for budgies. Personally, I would wait awhile to consider incubation if it were me. This is strickly my own opinion, and I am not saying you were incorrect. All bird owners are the only ones who make decisions on care of them, even though they may read suggestions or coments, on a bird forum.

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