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Thread: Budgie plucking his friend :(

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    Budgie plucking his friend :(

    Hi there, Iíve had buddy for 6 years now! And Casper for nearly 2 theyíve got on so well from the start but Casper has started to pluck buddyís head. I noticed that he was grooming him more but didnít notice until yesterday that buddy now has a huge bald spot! Iíve separated them both but feel like a bad bird mother because buddy is now in a tiny cage! When I let them out today Casper straight away started to try and pluck him again. Any advice on how to prevent this happening? They get on so well that I donít want them to be separated for too long! Thank you.

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    Re: Budgie plucking his friend :(

    Hi, and welcome to the community. It is rather strange that this is just now happening after having Casper for nearly 2 years. Sometimes the older budgie gets dominant over the younger one, but this usually happens when you first get a new baby. If it were only a few feathers, that would not be a concern, as much as making him bald. I think it will be difficult to stop this behavior, and those head feathers need to grow back. Is it possible for you to buy a bigger cage for Casper? I do think they will need to be separated for the long term, and you would need to have out of cage time with each separately. I am sorry this has happened. In a month or so, try reintroducing them when they are out of cage, and have cage visits. Hopefully, this behavior will cease by then. Set their cages close together. And watch both when flying free to see if this happens again. Use a few drops of pure olive oil on Casper's head about once every 3-4 days. Olive oil is medicinal, and will help the feathers to grow back
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    Re: Budgie plucking his friend :(

    Some cases of this can be stoppes. Also, many plucking like this just go on forever. At present only way to stop the plucking is to put the birds in seperate cages. That mainly helps the bird being plucked.

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