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Thread: Separating Babies from Parents

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    Exclamation Separating Babies from Parents

    Hi Guys,
    I need help! About 4 weeks ago my Budgie's eggs hatched. I have 3 babies!! I followed all the advice that I had read about handling the babies at 2 weeks old, letting the parents do the work, I only assisted by keeping the nest clean. I noticed yesterday that all the babies were eating and drinking without any assistance. I also noticed that they were becoming more and more scared of my hands in the cage(even though I have been handling them for the past several weeks). I consulted with a pet store and they suggested that I move the babies to a separate cage. So, last night I moved all the babies to a separate cage. Since I did that the dad will not stop chirping. I mean high pitch, alert the world something is wrong chirp. And one of the babies is very antsy and climbing the walls of the cage like a crazy bird. What should I do? Should I move the babies back? Why is dad chirping like this? I have the cages next to each other, should I move the cages to different rooms?

    My thought of moving the babies was that I was hoping that we could have 3 calm parakeets by handling the babies so early. We can not handle the adults at all. We bought them from a pet store and they have been terrified from day one. I have tried very hard over the 3 years that we have had them to gain their trust, but nothing has worked. I have come to terms that these guys are ok with me talking to them through the cage but I will never be able to hold them. I'm really at a loss and with what to do with the babies. Please help!!

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    Re: Separating Babies from Parents

    Hi, Ashley, and welcome to the community. Here is my opinion. I believe in letting the babies stay with parents, and for parents to feed them, until the babies can crawl out of the nest box, perch, eat seeds, drink water, and fledge which means fly. If for any reason the parents do not feed them, or are aggressive with them, then you would need to move them into a separate cage. You can still continue to hand socialize them and hand feed them, but I would be putting them back with their parents, after having them out of nest for awhile. The dad is upset, because you see he is the one who eats the seeds, and then goes into the nest box, regurgitates the seeds to mom, and she feeds the babies. Dad also helps feed them if they are very hungry. Even though you are hsndfeeding, you do see mom or dad still feeding them. Is that correct? Is there any chance their could have been a night fright situation that scared the babies? The pair I bred several years ago hatched four babies. At night, the dad stayed out of the nest box, and mom slept with the babies. If something scared any of them, that could be a reason the babies are afraid now.

    I did not handfeed my babies, and I did not handle them, until one, by one, they crawled out of the nest box, at about six weeks old. They spent a short time on the perches at first, and then dad would usher them back into the box. I think he is very upset because after all they are his young, and nature is telling him he should be taking care of them. I would say, if you can be patient, leave them with mom and dad in the box, and do hand socializing, and handfeeding, one at a time, and then return to the box, you will be glad you allowed them all to be together. In only a couple of weeks, or so, they will, one by one, crawl out of the box, and then, you can begin allowing them more time in the cage, and begin weaning them away from handfeeding, and feed them seeds and fresh water. For awhile, dad will usher them back into the nest box at night, after they learn to crawl out of the box.

    I do understand your concern of them never being tamed, but since you have held them and fed them since early after hatching, I do not think you will lose that bond with them. Altering or interfering with a nest box, could result in mom and dad abandoning the babies, and you do not want that to happen. Dad is already stressed out. M Time and patience are on your side. In a few weeks, the babies will fledge. Then you can put them in their own cage, once they are eating and drinking well. I admire you for educating youself on breeding, and I think you are doing great with them and the situation. As I always say, forums are for learning, and suggestions, but it is always up to the caregiver to decide how to proceed. I hope this info will be of help to you. We will watch for updates.
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