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Thread: Budgies pairing

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    Budgies pairing

    I have two pairs of budgies(yellow and blue) with one male and one female of each.
    I have told that yellow ones are pair and blue ones are pair. However the yellow male has made pair with blue one and now the blue female beats the yellow female

    Yellow female isn't making pair with the blue male and they all 3 beats the blue male.
    Yellow male even beats the yellow female.
    Whenever the pair do mating inside the box, the yellow female goes to another box and stays there(she is spending most time just sitting inside box)

    What should I do? I cant put them in separate cage. Also the blue has layed eggs and these are inside

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    Re: Budgies pairing

    Hi, and welcome to the community. It is common for males to pursue females, and there can be fights with others, such as what you are experiencing. Ideally, it would be better if somehow you could get a small cage, big enough for the pair in the nestbox now, and get them and that box out of the cage. Then, take the other nest box out of the cage, and let the female who has laid eggs nest on the cage floor. From your post, I take it the blue female who laid the three eggs has not mated with the males, either of them, so those eggs will not be fertile anyway.

    I cannot see any peace for any of them until you try this suggestion, because they will all continue fighting. Males often pursue more than one female. Recently I saw a YouTube video about Australian budgies, and one male had seven girlfriends and all laid eggs. But of course those budgies lived in the wild, so a BIG tree was the home for hundreds of budgies

    Any time you have pairs of budgies, or buy them, get only one pair, and do not put other budgies in with them. I once had what I thought were 5 males, until one day while I was away from home, they all got into a fight while I was gone. When I came home, there were feathers everywhere in the cage, and one male had a jammed toe. I had no idea what this was all about until the next day, when I saw one pair mating...ahhhaha..I had one female!!!!! And four males, not five makes!! So I put the pair in a separate cage, the hen laid four eggs, and they all hatched. Four precious babies! Two looked like mom, and two like dad.

    I am truly sorry for you that this is happening, because we love our birds, and don't like to have problems with our budgies. If at all possible, get that cage, asap! That will help to solve your problem.
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