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Thread: One Egg

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    One Egg

    Hello, I have had my Budgies together in a parrots size cage so they have room to flutter about, anyway they've been together for almost 8 years and I noticed the other morning one egg on the bottom of the cage, it wa broken, out of now where now its been two days and nothing, I don't know what to do, talk about out of the blue

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    Re: One Egg

    Hi, and welcome! On occasion, though rarely, a hen will lay an egg, after being with her male mate, after considerable years together. Have you seen them mating for all those years? It could be you have two females. Since the two days have past, when or if the hen lays another egg, then we consider that egg a new clutch\batch. The question for you would be, do you want baby budgies, if the eggs would be fertile, and you have seen these two actually mating? You could get a nestbox and put it in the cage, and see what happens. If hen does lay more eggs, then, after about ten days you could candle an egg and see if it is fertile. Hens that are new to laying eggs, will have sporadic egg laying, at first, and often an egg is broken. If you put a budgie nest box in the cage, do not put any nesting material in the box. There will be a little indented circle in the center of the box floor, and the hen will set on her eggs there. She will perch tiny pieces of wood off that indention, and use those wood shaving for a nest.

    In my view, you sure could try a box. See if the hen goes into the box and explores the inside. You will notice that the male will possibly not into the box, once an egg is laid. Hen will not allow him into the box, until, the first egg hatches. Then, he will jump into the box, and feed the mom regurgitated seeds, and she will feed the babies. He also may help her feed them, if there are several babies. The hen will be very protective of her nest, and it is a good idea, to not be constantly looking into the nest, because she does not like us interfering with her nest, and she could abandon the eggs, and not set on them, and they will not hatch.

    Be sure to provide plenty of cuttlebone for the pair, and I also suggest feeding them fresh green leaf lettuce and the good quality seed. If you do not feed pellets, get a bottle of bird vitamins at the pet shop, and put a few drops mixed in with the seed, about once every ten days. If you feed pellets, you don't need the vitamins. Also, you can feed other fresh veggies, except for parsley and any cabbage family veggies. Both have a phyto chemical in them, that can cause esophogal tumors in budgies.

    The male, sometimes gets jealous of the female, during nesting time, and on occasion he gets into the box, and breaks an egg, and also the two can get into fighting, if he enters the box at all, until the babies are hatched. He will perch outside of the box at night as well. PA few years ago, I had a pair breed, hen laid four eggs and they all hatched. I did research on line for breeding budgies, and found great info on the topic.

    It is not an easy feat to breed a pair, but if all goes well in the process, those little babies will steal your heart.

    If you have never seen the two mating, then you might have two females. And two females can get pretty testy with each other if one lays eggs. Sometimes, the other female will lay eggs too.

    I hope this info is of help to you. Your posts and updates are welcome anytime.
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    Re: One Egg

    Could be hope that they plan to start a family. Ang that would be a nice thing for both of them to do. Means they also like your house.


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