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Thread: toys to the rescue!

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    toys to the rescue!

    After many days and lots of bites, we think we have a partial solution to Aurora's habit. Shredding toys, and a large hamsterball. her biting seemed to always get worse, if she was in her cage a lot (which she is, because I don't like being bit, and her owner Raven is the only one willing to risk the biting) So I picked her up a shredding hanging toy yesterday, and she is much more content today! We also found a plastic hamster ball, the ones you put the hamster inside, and they roll around the floor. She loves this as well. and I don't feel quite so nervous when Sassenach our kitten is chasing after Aurora. and shes not biting Sassa's toes.
    We will see if these continue to help.

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    Re: toys to the rescue!

    Yaay!! That is great news! Keep us updated. It is amazing what they like to play with. The hamster ball and shreder toy idea is great!

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    Re: toys to the rescue!

    Oh yeah, shredding toys are a lovies favorite toy. Sadly though since Aurora is a female it might just make her a very hormonal bird once she gets older. If she has half of the hormones that Boomer did you are going to be in trouble. Boomer was a shredding monster who also loved to rub his private parts on anything he could fit between his legs. Sorry if that is rude and crude but it is very well known that lovebirds cannot seem to control the hormones that rage inside of them. It least I know all the girls and boy lovies I know here that were on our site seem to have issues with hormones. They are such sweet loving and funny birds but boy do they get hormonal.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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