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Thread: Kakariki egg and baby advice

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    Kakariki egg and baby advice

    Hi, my parents' kakarikis have just laid their first egg so they're after some advice so they're fully prepared!

    My parents aren't looking to hand rear the babies, they're going to let the parents rear them. However, they are wanting to start handling them as soon as they can so they have a good relationship with them. Obviously though they don't want to risk handling them too early and risk the parents rejecting them - at what age should they start trying to interact with the babies to ensure they start building a relationship early but don't impact how the parents raise them?

    Are there also any special dietary needs for the hen while she's laying eggs or while the babies are being raised please?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Kakariki egg and baby advice

    Hi Abbie, welcome to the forum. I wished I could help you out but I never really dealt with tiny babies. I would think once the babies start to get around a little bit you can then start to handle them a little bit. I know breeders take them out right away sometimes but if it were me I would be very hesitant like you because I worry about the parents might reject them.
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    Re: Kakariki egg and baby advice

    I recommend allowing the parents to feed the babies through the next few weeks, or until, if for any reason they are not feeding them, or are being unkind to them. If that happens, you would need to hand feed them. At about 3-4 weeks of age, they should be able to crawl out of the nestbox. When that happens, each day, you can take one baby at a time and socialize it, and then return it to the nest. If babies are handled too early, after hatching, the mom can get upset, and may abandon them. You do not want that to ever happen. There are many parent babies that end up to be tame. Time and patience will win for you.

    I recommend feeding them their usual diet, and include fresh veggies, and plenty of cuttlebone for calcium. They need extra calcium when hen has laid eggs. Breeding is very stressful for the hen.
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