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Thread: My two budgies died suddenly?

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    My two budgies died suddenly?

    Hey everyone, last night I topped my birds seed up, and held both of them and talked to them and put them to bed. When I woke up this morning I was talking to them and they werenít answering, and when I went to check on them they were both dead. I was wondering if anyone would have any idea what could have killed them? I know not to use perfume, candles or any chemicals. They also reside in my room so it couldnít have been anything kitchen related. I do have a palm tree but it is out of reach and always take it out of the room when they are out of their cage, as well as a baby Christmas tree. There have been lots of fruit flies in the house, and we also recently changed their seed brand. They hadnít been eating, and seemed to have a lack of appetite these past few days but were otherwise happy and healthy
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    Re: My two budgies died suddenly?

    I am so very sorry to read your post and couldn't even imagine how sad you have to be feeling to lose both of them. To lose both of them makes me wonder if somehow some kind of fumes got to them or worse something was in the food you just bought for them. But if you have been feeding this new seed to them for awhile it shouldn't be that.

    It is possible for kitchen smells to make it all over the house so if you used teflon pans or liners or even a turkey bag to cover the turkey if you had one the fumes could make it into a room with a closed door. Room freshners, essential oils and all kinds of things can kill birds but it does sound like you knew that and this probably want the cause of there deaths. Do you think maybe it was a cage fright? Whatever it is that killed both of them is just so sad and without a doubt your heart must be aching today. I am truly sorry for your horrible loss of your loved birds. Big hugs to you.
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    Re: My two budgies died suddenly?

    I am so sorry you lost your two precious babies. Have you had the baby Xmas tree for awhile, or did you recently get it. In my view, birds should never be around Xmas trees because of the pine. Even if the tree was not close by, the odor may have got to them. Since you say they had not been eating, as usual, perhaps they died from not eating. When new seed is introduced, it needs to be slowly added to the current seed mix, for about ten days, before you switch them over to a new seed mix.

    Unless you were to take them to a vet, for necropsey, it is very difficult to know what caused them to die. I am sending you hugs.

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    Re: My two budgies died suddenly?

    Christmas trees are deadly to birds. The odor of pine, like Ellen said, most likely got to them.
    When I worked as a manager of a pet store, a man had purchased a baby parakeet for a friend. He bought the bird a couple months before Christmas so he could tame it. The bird was healthy and happy when Christmas came. Unfortunately, they put the bird under the Christmas tree overnight and found the bird dead in the morning.
    I am so very sorry for your loss. Many, many people are unaware of the toxicity of pine trees - and pine scented things like room sprays, cleaners, candles, etc.
    Yes, birds like trees, but pine is very toxic to psittacines.
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