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Thread: Kakariki Newborn Help - when can you enter cage to change food/water?

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    Question Kakariki Newborn Help - when can you enter cage to change food/water?

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm very new to having birds and newer to the forum so not sure what i'm doing with either. I have only had my Red Crowned Kakarikis a few months, they are indoor birds, and was very surprised when they started to mate and even more surprised on Thursday when Coco laid her first egg. Thankfully I had purchased 1 breeding box when we first saw them mating and it was up and ready, even though I honestly didn't expect her to lay any eggs. Now I'm stressing because I haven't a clue what to do. She seems quite happy, she's laid her 2nd egg, she stays in her box all day and comes out at night for a fly about. I know to start the countdown (21 days) after her 3rd egg (should be tomorrow) so she is due 23rd December (lovely Christmas pressie for us all).

    What I really want to know is should I be entering their cage, (I would never enter her nest), after they are born to change water/food, or should I put plenty of tubs in prior to her due date? And if I shouldn't be going near them at first, how long before I can change their water/food?

    We were going away for a few days over New Year, leaving my eldest at home, who doesn't like birds - he would be fine to change food/water etc but not to let them out - do you all think it would be ok to fill up and leave enough food/water for 3 days, or do you think they will still need to be let out every night for a good fly about?

    Also, should I have another breeding box on the ready, as I believe after 2 weeks the cock takes over feeding the chicks, while the hen starts to make another nest ready to lay another clutch of eggs?

    Like I said, I'm very new at this, didn't buy the birds for breeding, just as pets, so feel a bit thrown in at the deep end now I'm going to be a Granny! Hope you can help

    Thank you.
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    Re: Kakariki Newborn Help - when can you enter cage to change food/water?

    Hi, Debbie, and welcome to the community. Here is my view. I would not disturb the nest at all as she lays her eggs. One thing you could do, at about two weeks from now, would be to candle the eggs. You take a pen flash light to look into the egg shell to see if there are tiny red veins in the eggs, as well as an embyro. Quite honestly, you do run the risk of the hen abandoning her eggs, if you disturb the nest, and if it were me, I would not candle, but trust all will be well with the eggs, and allow the incubation time to move forward.

    And,if it were me, when the eggs hatch, I would allow parents to feed and take care of them, unless you see the parents being aggressive with the babies, or they are not feeding them. On occasion, a parent will pick on a baby. If that happens, you should remove the parent (usually it is the dad), and let mom feed them, but you should then get baby bird formula and help the mom feed. Because dad is very valuable in helping feed the babies.
    You can get the powdered baby bird formula food in a can at the pet shop. Also pick up a syringe. Go on YouTube, and search for..handfeeding baby Kakarikis. There are great videos there on feeding baby birds. Most any baby parrot would work, if there are no Kakarikis there.

    You can begin hand socializing the babies at about 3-4 weeks, one at a time, for a short while, then putting baby back in the nest. If mom or dad is very protective of them, then, it will be best to socialize them after they have fledged and are perching.

    Mom and dad will be very protective of the babies. However, after 2-3 weeks, or whenever you prefer, it will be OK to clean the nest abit, but be careful of rearranging the nest, and only handle babies a short time when you clean. If parents resist, then do not clean, until the babies are abit older.

    Your main goal is to let Nature take its course when at all possible. We will watch for your updates! I hope all will go well for the process.
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