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Thread: Please help cockatiel droppings

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    Please help cockatiel droppings

    Hello everyone!! So this past week iíve been seeing extremely weird droppings from my cockatiel. I have three, one has laid her eggs and does not come out unless she wants to eat, the other two, male and female are in the cage at times I'm not home, and out when i come home to spend some time with them! I have no idea which of them it is that is doing these droppings but heres some info about the droppings. They are very very very big not very watery and not very solid i have pictures of the droppings but unfortunately I'm new to this website and have no idea how i can post them! I also don't have any avian vet near me... they are 3-4 hours away and cost a lot for two birds. Can anyone help by these information

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    Smile Re: Please help cockatiel droppings

    Hi, and welcome to the community. To post pictures, go to a website called...tiny pic. Create an account. It is free. Then upload your pics there, and then upload those pics to your gallery here. Click on gallery on the home page. Then create your own gallery, and upload your pics.

    My thought is that your hen, that is setting on eggs could be the one, or the hen, of the pair, could be soon laying eggs, because droppings get bigger at that time, and also can get watery. Have you seen the pair mating? Also, it is possible it is the male. Males also have bigger droppings when they are into hormones. Have you changed their diet recently? Fresh veggies and fruits can also make looser poops.

    Keep watch on the cage and the pair. Do they have a nestbox in the cage? If so, the box will encourage egg laying. If you see any of your birds not eating or drinking, being all puffed up, or not perching, but sittng on cage floor sleeping, very watery poops, rasping, or breathing heavy, any of these would indicate either bacterial or respiratory infection, and that would require a vet visit.
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    Re: Please help cockatiel droppings

    I have to agree with everything Ellen said. In regards to the cost of the avian vets, it depends what kind of services you are requesting. Avian exam along with blood work could cost starting at about $150.00 per bird. If the bird is ill and requires more testing such as blood work, gram stain, etc., could be much more, maybe $200+. Birds are considered exotic pets and along with having an exotic pet, it sometimes comes with an exotic price. Avian vets have do additional training for their specialty, unfortunately, there availability is not that accessible.
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