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Thread: Budgie Male or female

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    Budgie Male or female

    [IMG]IMG_0367.jpg[/IMG]Hello everyone! I’m new to this and would like help on trying to find out the sex of my 1st Numa and 2nd baby? https://www.facebook.com/10000703146...07?d=n&sfns=mo
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    Re: Budgie Male or female

    you have 2 boys! (that means you can put them in the same cage together if it is big enough)

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    Re: Budgie Male or female

    Hi, and welcome to the forum. Your budgies are so precious and beautiful. What a beautiful mutation. How old are they? Usually, it is difficult to judge the sex of a budgie, until they are about 6 months old, especially with a light color feather mutation as this one. You can get DNA sex kits on line, or have an avian vet do a test when they are a few weeks old. Both may be a little pricey.

    Looking at your video, for a preliminary opinion, I would say the first one is a boy, because the cere right above the beak is bluish color. The second one has a whitish color cere, and ivory or light tan color usually signal a female. They say seeing white rings around the nostrils usually indicates female. With this mutation, it is always difficult to know for sure, early on, without a DNA sex test.

    Time will tell!! They are absolutely going to be the joy of your life! We will welcome updates anytime.

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