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Thread: Chaffinch as a pet?

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    Chaffinch as a pet?

    Hi everybody!
    About a month ago, I found a chaffinch baby near my house. He was quite big, he was trying to fly, but his parents were still feeding him. I took him to my flat because he was abandoned for long hours and his mommy didnít come to him again, even in the evening. He was very, very hungry, so I fed him and put into a cage. I was thinking about setting him free, but I donít think he would be happy outside - he is very tamed, he can fly to me and land on my head, he loves me so much, more than the rest of my family. Sometimes I take him outside(in a cage, of course) and he seems scared of all sounds - when I come back home, he seems much more relaxed. I also have read about young birdsí mortality - 70% of them die before their first birthday. I know itís natural, but I donít want to let my little guy die by hunger or predators, just because he is very important for me. I have a lot of experience in keeping birds, so I think he will be happy with me, but Iíve never had a chaffinch before. Can you give me some advice about keeping this bird as a pet? Heís got a large cage with natural branches, everyday he can fly outside of the cage and when he want, he comes back by himself(so I think he feels good in it). He eat a seed mixture for canaries, but he eat canary seed mostly. He likes fresh fruits and vegetables, and also wild plants, but insects are his absolutely favourite. He loves bathing, usually he does it once or twice a week. Everyday I spend a lot of time with him, I talk to him, I pet him, I let him sleep on my head, I play some chaffinch songs to teach him how to sing. Should I correct something? What kind of seed should I buy? Is the canary mixture ok? I think itís a male because he has some little pink feathers on his chest. I also have heard him when he was trying to sing, so I hope he will be able to sing in the future. And please, donít write about how bad keeping him as a pet is - he seems very happy and Iím sure heís safe. Could it be better? They are even mutations, like opal and isabel, so I donít think captivity is very bad for chaffinches.

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    Re: Chaffinch as a pet?

    I want to buy a birds for home, can anyone suggest me which types of birds I can buy it?

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