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Thread: pied baby

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    pied baby

    I was told that my new cockatiel shes 7 weeks old, is a white face or also called a dirty pied? I was hoping to get tips for the first few days with her. SHe wants to be out with me so I am letting her. Also, how do you attach pictures here so you can see her?

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    Re: pied baby

    Congratulations on your new cockatiel... Please don't take this the wrong way, but I am only looking out for you and your new addition. Please keep an eye on her. First of all, 7 weeks is too young to be adopting a cockatiel. The bird should be at least 12 weeks minimum and eating on it's own before any kind of purchase or adoption takes place. Unless you are experienced in raising young birds, than your okay. My concerns is that a young bird can regress. Meaning, it may go back to being dependent on a person to be fed. If you have no experience in feeding baby birds formula with a syringe, you may have to take the bird back to place of purchase or adoption until your new addition is fully weaned. Second, it sounds like she already wants to bond with you.. that is a good thing!!

    As for posting pics, search in the forums under "tiny pic" and it has step by step instructions. I would love to see your new addition. I have a white faced pied cockatiel myself.
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    Re: pied baby

    Hi, and welcome to the community. I will reply to the other thread you created.
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