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Thread: Lovebirds always in nest

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    Lovebirds always in nest

    Hi there!

    On my birthday i recieved a pair of love birds.
    Next day i went to a vet checked them and they weere totally fine male and female pair.
    I bought a 40"20"20" cage with a nest box that the vet recommended which is a two part nestbox.
    Its been full 7 weeks they are always in the nest box since day one. They only come out for eating for less than 3 minutes and go back to thier nest box.
    Is this normal behavior? Should i take out the nest box? I'm very concerned since its my first lovebird pairs

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    Re: Lovebirds always in nest

    Hi, and welcome to the community. How old are your new lovebirds. Quite honestly, if it were me, I would remove the nest box. Generally, lovebirds have to be about a year old before they are old enough to mate and the hen lay eggs.

    If they are old enough to mate, and it has been so long they have had the nestbox, I suggest you remove the nest box for now. In a few weeks when Spring comes in, then try putting the box back in the cage.

    Breeding is not an easy feat. If you are interested in having baby lovebirds, in my view, it is best to go on line and read all you can find about lovebird breeding.

    In the meantime, feed them a good diet, with plenty of calcium, and let them play together in the cage without the box. If you do see the pair mating, and the hen does lay an egg, then you can put the box back in the cage. Otherwise, wait until Spring, and after you have learned all about breeding. Then try it again.
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    Re: Lovebirds always in nest

    I would remove the nest box as well. They need to get use to being with you, in the new cage and house before they get into a nest box to have babies. I am surprised the vet recommended a nest box unless you to told the vet you wanted to breed them. But still they need to use to living with you before they have babies.
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