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Thread: Im concerned

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    Exclamation Im concerned

    So about three years ago we got a bird named Snow. She was the first bird I ever owned and was a great bird. It didnt take her long to situate herself into the family. She just was a very social and friendly bird, which is apparently not usual for female Budgies. But she passed away a couple of months ago, and in that time, weve just missed having a bird around, so we decided to get another one.
    This time we got a male, because males get along with each other and were planning to get another one some time down the line. We named him Miles, and he was nothing like Snow. Obviously hes a male, so theres gonna be differences, but this bird is not social AT ALL. Hes terrified all the time and wont come to our hands. Ive personally tried to tame him by feeding him millet from my hand, but hell only eat a big one and stay as far from my hand as possible. Everyone in the family is concerned about him and we just need to know what to do to tame him, because right now, he needs it.
    If we ever get another budgie, were definitely going to get a hand tamed one, but right now, we want to focus on bonding with Miles. Please help!

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    Re: Im concerned

    Hi, Lucas. I am sorry you lost your female budgie. All budgies have their own personality. Somehow, I think Miles was probably placed in an aviary with bigger and slightly older budgies, and this can cause them to be very afraid and not too friendly because they can be bullied, and by that I mean being shoved off of knocked off a perch, not being allowed to eat out of seed cups, being shoved out of them, etc. This causes them to be very unsure of us, and their new environment. I have a nine year old budgie, Muffin, that was totally frightened of me and his cage, not sure whether to trust eating out of the seed cup, or, even drinking water. It took a long time for Muffin to turn that around. I found that for the first few weeks, I just let him do his own thing, and not force him to interact with me. I would sit by his cage everyday, and talk softly to him, sing songs to him, and play a radio, or CD with soft music, such as classical music. I also played the Disney channel in day time, or, Sesame Street. All birds like both, there is something about the Disney channel too. Apparently, they like the sounds of kids.

    Also, having had budgies for many years, I found that they love their swings, and mirrors. My Muffin, now is blind, and has been for about 1 1/2 years, but he navigates his cage well, can eat, drink and play, and loves his 3 mirror girlfriends.

    When I got him, I was careful to not frighten him, and was very careful when I cleaned his cage, inside, and fed him his seeds and water each day. I did not put my hand close to him, for quite a period of time. Put some millet seeds or broken pieces of a sprig in a separate cup in his cage. Start out with just one mirror. I put mirrors on the end of a perch side of cage. I suggest getting the mirror and swing asap. And to begin sitting by the cage too. Talk, talk, talk to him! You can even read a kids story book to Miles.

    Try to keep each day the same routine for awhile. I think the sitting by cage, talking softly, and playing the music, both are going to make him more trusting, and willing to do more interacting with you. My Muffin turned out to be the most intelligent and happy budgie I ever had.

    Time and patience, will win for you. Do not worry about not being able to train him. He is young enough that you have plenty of time to accomplish securing his trust. Do post updates and how he is doing.
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