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Thread: Need to stop one bird from feeding the other ASAP

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    Need to stop one bird from feeding the other ASAP

    I have an older, disabled female budgie named Bethany. She can't grip, or fly, and has trouble reaching around to preen her oil gland. I have another female parakeet named Molly who is about the same age and has mild feet issues. Both see a great avian vet regularly.
    This past winter, Molly's behavior toward Bethany has changed into one of maternal protection. They have been cuddling a ton (like one sleeps resting their head on the others back even), Molly will preen Bethany often from head to preening gland, and if I try to pick Bethany up to check on her, Molly makes a threatening noise at me and tries to bite me.

    This is a little confusing, because Molly often acts like she is taken care of a baby although both of them are middle age. Another thing Molly has been doing is regurgitating / feeding Bethany. And I just noticed that Bethany has a large squishy crop under her feathers and looks a bit like a bullfrog. She definitely weighs more than normal.

    I need to get Molly to stop feeding Bethany, but I'm not really sure how. Should I separate them? Molly has always been good about taking care of Bethany's feathers so I would hate to deprive her of that as well.
    I think part of the problem is their favorite place to hang out is a padded wooden ledge in the corner of the cage. I think it's making Molly a little bit nesty. So I'm going to remove that, but other advice will be helpful!! Thank you.
    To my sweet Angel and my beloved Goose 'Keet, rest in peace...

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    Re: Need to stop one bird from feeding the other ASAP

    Hello, I'm not sure if you're still dealing with this issue as I saw this was posted a while ago. I have some advice that might help, hope all is well!

    I'd recommend maybe talking to a vet if that's possible! I've never seen something like this before, but it really sounds like Molly is being very territorial over Bethany. Maybe remove any mirrors and toys either of them obsess over and also any 'nesty' type of areas. Having a more open cage set up may help as well. If this doesn't work, try taking one at a time out often (only if they are tame of course!) preferably Molly who seems to be a bit addicted in a way. Separate cages can be a last resort, you could even get the both of them new friends (more budgies does add onto the maintenance of course).

    I'm also a little concerned about Bethany's crop. This could be because of another reason as well. If she's been chewing at any rope toys, she may have fibres collecting in there and that is very dangerous. Could also be something else. I'm definitely not a breeder or vet so really not sure!

    Hope this helps, let us know how it goes!

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