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Thread: Budgie questions

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    Budgie questions

    Itís been over a year since i have gotten Happy, my budgie. He is a very skittish budgie, and taming progress with him takes a lot of patience even though he does witness my tame budgie interacting with me. He allows us to give him scritches sometimes after 9 months of being with us, and now eagerly steps up when he knows there is millet. However, he doesnít step up when no treat is given. He is also scared of everything. When we move a toy that he is familiar with in his cage he sets off flying everywhere. Iím afraid he might not be able to share a cage with Birdy (my older budgie) in the future since Birdy is really playful and plays with his toys really aggressively and that may scare Happy a lot. He flew out of the cage the first time just a few days ago and didnít know how to return back, we had to catch him with our hands to bring him back to his cage. He could be skittish because his previous owners spent a long time trying to catch him to put him into his travel cage which might have traumatised him. His previous owners did managed to bring him out to play outside his cage so it makes me feel like iím doing something wrong
    I often play the blinking game with Birdy and Happy and they will always blink and close their eyes back in response.
    Does that response mean they are comfortable around me? How should i proceed with taming so that Happy will step up without a treat and will Happy always be as skittish as he is now? Thank you in advance
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    Re: Budgie questions

    Hi, and welcome back. I do not think you are doing anything wrong with Happy at all. I do think he was probably traumatized in his last home, not on purpose, but, as a result he is not 100% trusting of his environment even now. That may always be a concern for him, but, I think considering, he is doing well now. When you decide to let him out of cage, take him and the cage to a small room in your home, and close the door, blinds, curtains, etc., and take any mirrors off the walls, and then allow him out to fly around. Get some millet sprigs at the pet shop, and use one of them for some training. Budgies love millet. Use an unsharpened pencil for a perch. And have the millet spig close by. Teach him to step up on the pencil perch. But first, let him eat some millet off the sprig. Then, push the poencil perch gently, right above his feet, in the tummy area. That spot will make him step up, and then, when he does step up, let him eat some more millet, and praise him for stepping up.

    Lay a piece of millet on the cage top as well. Once he gets the taste of millet, I think he will fly to the cage top to get some. In a smaller room, he will not have as far of a distance to fly, but, I sm sure catching him will not be easy. Either purchase, or make a butterfly net, so you can catch him easier, and will be better than having to towel him.

    Even though he is still skiddish, having him for a year tells me he loves Birdy, and you and his home. Time and patience are always on your side with him. Try small things with him. Sit by his cage and talk to him. Read him a kids book. Play music on a radio or CD player, my birds love classical music, and play the Disney Channel on TV. Budgies love the sound of kids voices, cartoons, and Sesame Street too!

    If you really are interested in putting the two together, then try it. Watch them carefully. He just might surprise you, take to Birdy, and love to be with her. I would have short sessions at first, see how they go. Then increase the time. I have a feeling, they will love being together. But, take it slow, and until such time, you feel confident they will not hurt each other. I do know, that the male will always chase a female at first, because their sexual instincts take over. So, be prepared to sit by the cage, and watch them.

    We will welcome updates anytime. I hope this info is of help to you. I think the blinking game is just too cute! That is awsome!!
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