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Thread: Help socializing my baby lovies

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    Help socializing my baby lovies

    Hello all!

    I have two sibling baby lovebirds (Pippin and Remy) that are 5 weeks old today. I have raised and hand fed baby lovebirds in the past, although never quite this young. I have a couple questions/concerns, and any advice is much appreciated! They have different personalities, as expected. Pippin is much louder and adventurous, Remy is quiet and reserved. I keep them in a large cage padded with a towel, a medium-sized brooder inside of the cage that they can walk in and out of, a heat lamp and a few fluffy socks/face towel which they love to snuggle under. I handle them multiple times a day in between feedings, and during this they don't do much other than seek shelter in my robe/warm spots. When trying to take them from the cage they always seem fearful of my hand and never walk towards me when I sit by the cage. They sometimes even scurry away from my hand or open their beaks with fear. Once I take them out and handle them though they have no problem snuggling up to me, my face or my hands. I am further confused because while I am cuddling them I pet them, and they fall asleep while being pet! Is this normal for 5 weeks old? I try and slowly play with them with some toys, although they frighten quickly. Pippin has begun playing with a wicker ball inside the brooder occasionally though!

    When I handle the babies should I spend time with them together or separate? When I play with them together they usually huddle, but when I handle them separately they are more likely to snuggle against me. Also, is there ever a situation where you need to separate siblings? 80% of the time they are either cuddling together or chilling in the cage apart, but sometimes I hear them fighting. Pippin sometimes bites Remy's toes or eye causing him to squeal, and I dont know if this is okay. I am confused because sometimes they preen each other and other times I can hear them squealing.

    They have begun eating dry food for about a week now, which includes millet, avi-cakes, and today i just introduced a blend of seeds and pellets. They were initially scared of the pellets, maybe because of the bright colors? But tried tasting them with come coaxing. I have tried introducing them to water, i put a small water bowl near them both while feeding and inside the cage, but it gets no attention. I have also tried dipping my finger in water and offering it to them. They taste it, but immediately shake off the water. I know it will probably take some time but I'm worried about dehydration, because they already seem to be wanting less formula at each feeding. I feed them 3-4 times a day depending on how hungry they are, and they keep an average weight of around 50 grams.

    Is there anything I'm not doing, or doing wrong? I don't want to scare them away from humans, and want to raise them as best as possible! Sorry for the novel... Thank you all so much!

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    Re: Help socializing my baby lovies

    I never had a bird this young but I do know that lovebirds are very cage protective. This could be why they act like they want to bite you when they are in the cage. I would always just open up Boomers cage and let him get out of his cage and wait for him to get on top of it where he happily hopped on my hand or finger. He was always like this and never changed and bit anyone except my daughter if they dared put there hand inside the cage. My daughter was very much his girl and she could do anything to him and he never would bite her. I use to able to hand feed him millet and safflower seeds through the cage bars but that is all he let me near his cage without a hard bite.

    I only have owned one bird at a time so I have no idea really how to handle both of them. For now I myself would spend time with one at a time since they are so young and getting use to you. In time they shouldnt mind coming out together to be with you. I will suggest a really good pellet if you want to try it just because they are such great natural pellets to feed. They are made from the Totally Organic Pellet company which is shorted to TOPS. The TOPS Bird pellets were Boomers favorite and mine too because they are all organic people grade seeds and grains in them and no chemicles are added to them. They also have a Tops Napolean mix that is made for sprouting. I use to soak a little bit overnight and then dry them off and Boomer loved them. I also would let them get tiny tails (sprout them) as well and they were very much loved by Boomer and now our Conure Tikki. Volkman Cockatiel seed mix without sunflowers is also loved by the birds here as well.

    I think your doing good so keep it up.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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    Re: Help socializing my baby lovies

    Hi, Karina, and welcome to the forum! Congrats on your two special, previous lovebird babies. I think you are doing awesome care with them, and they are going to be your best friends. The only suggestion I would have is to get some millet sprigs at the petshop, and handfeed a few seeds to them a couple of times a day. Millet has lots of moisture in it, and it will help them to keep hydrated. Also, I would get a plastic syringe to use just for water, or an eyedropper, and a few times a day, give them some water that way. That will help to keep them hydrated.

    Right now, you do not need to be concerned about their sex, but in a couple of months, you need to know, because if you have a male and female, then, in a few months, they will most likely mate, because Nature has created birds to always have mating, eggs, and babies on their mind. And siblings cannot mate, because the eggs when hatched would produce deformed, or special needs birds. So, once they have fledged, and are typical caged birds, you need to consider putting them in separate cages, if you have two females. Also, often times, two females do not get along too well, especially at hormone time. Hens can lay eggs without a male in the home, so if it were me, I would keep two females in their own cage.

    Two males will be fine in one cage, but, at hormone time, they two could spar. So, it is best to give these two separate cages in the coming months, in my view.

    You can get DNA sexing kits on line, or, take them to an avian vet, who will do the test for you.

    Lovebirds are beautiful, very active, full of spunk, and from what I have read over the years, here on the forum, you will never have a boring life with them around!

    We will welcome your updates, and pics of them anytime!
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