Hi, in my previous post I explained that my Kakarikis had laid 10 eggs, 5 of which have now hatched, from 23rd December until 2nd January. Mother is feeding them well.

My problem is that my parents are now mating again, and when she does come out to fly, which is getting more and more often as he is going in now, she seems to be trying to find a nest (she keeps going in my Ikea Kallax boxes).

Last time we saw them mating, it was only a few days later she laid her first egg! So do I leave things as they are with just the box on the cage with the babies in and hope she doesn't have more eggs, or do I put another nesting box on the cage for her to lay more????

As you can tell, I am not a breeder and haven't got a clue as only been the owner of these beautiful birds a few months, so any help and advise you can give me is greatly appreciated.