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Thread: Cockatiel Food

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    Cockatiel Food

    So Iíve had a cockatiel for a few weeks( I got her when she was weaned off of baby food) and sheís young so I donít know if this is contributing to the problem or not, but she will not eat anything except these seeds called oat groats. She picks them out of her food and flings everything else everywhere. I donít care about the mess I can handle it and it doesnít upset me itís just, first so much food is being wasted and second she wonít even touch any of the other seed. I donít know how to help her and Iím getting worried. They donít sell just oat groats anywhere where I live and plus she needs other nutrients. Any suggestions to help me out?

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    Re: Cockatiel Food

    Hi, and welcome to the community. What brand of seed are you feeding? My suggestion is to recheck the cockatiel brands at the petstore, and see if you can find one that does not have oatgroats as an ingredient. How old is she? If you live in California, there is a great brand of cockatiel seed called Volkmans Avian Science. It is seeds only, with no extra filler food. You can also find that brand on Amazon.

    Oatgroats are not a bad food. But usually it is found in parakeet budgie seed. It will not hurt your bird to eat it now, but, I agree she needs to have additional seeds as well. I prefer seeds without sunflower seeds in the mix, because they have a high percet of fat in them. Safflower seeds are OK. The Volkman seed for cockatiels have two choices. One with the sunflower seeds in it, and the other is seeds only.

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    Re: Cockatiel Food

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    Re: Cockatiel Food

    I agree with Maxollie. The Volkman cockatiel with no sunflower seeds is a excellent seed mix. We have fed it to our family of birds for many years and all of them... Amazon, Lovebird and our conure loves it. Its good fresh seeds and grains with no additives in it.
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