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Thread: Cockatiel in Convulsions

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    Cockatiel in Convulsions

    It's Saturday. God, why? The vets aren't open tomorrow.
    I bought a cockatiel from someone today off Craigslist, and as soon as I got him in the car he started seizing up and hasn't stopped since. I don't have anti-convulsants (made a Facebook post about it, though, in cautious hopes), but I've been trying everything. I wondered if he might have had some heavy metal poisoning so I gave him some electrolyte stuff (handmade, Smart Water + calcium + magnesium + potassium (pure supplements) + Vitamin B drops) with a dropper not too long ago.
    His owner literally cried as she was surrendering him to me for adoption and...I know it sounds stupid, but I just don't have the heart to tell her, or even ask her if he was exposed to anything. It's not like it would matter. I *did* happen to adopt him at a tire shop, so that's why I'm thinking heavy metal poisoning (despite him being in the car without much exposure to that air there)... I know she didn't understand, and I didn't message back fast enough to say "No, can we please meet elsewhere", so it was a honest mistake (please, put your weapons down...)
    Sorry for you to read such a miserable situation if you did, but if there's anything you know that could help, please let me know.

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    Re: Cockatiel in Convulsions

    I am really shocked that Craigslist allowed the sale of any kind of animal. That's besides the point anyway. The cockatiel needs to see a vet ASAP. When you made the exchange at the tire shop, did the previous owner give you any kind of medical history such as gender, vet visits, age of bird, etc. Also, did they provide you any food? It's not recommended that you just switch foods, it has to be done slowly.. The new food added to their old food daily, usually it takes about 10 to 14 days.

    If the bird was exposed to any kind of metal poisonings, the stools will be very watery and almost clear looking. Are the dropping green/white (seed) or brown/white/green (seed and pellet diet)? If they are, then there is no metals exposure.

    Sometimes your better off purchasing Pedia-lyte from the local drug store or adding a little bit of Gatorade to the drinking water instead of making your electrolyte booster. Just thought I would throw that suggestion out there.

    One more suggestion, when making any kind of e-commerce exchanges from any website such as Craigslist, facebook marketplace, nextdoor, etc... I recommend meeting at the local police station where there are camera's. Some having parking spots near the main lobby entrance or you can even take care of your e-commerce busisness in the local police station lobby. My nephew is a police officer and I have heard some horror stories about people getting ripped off from making purchases off of social media sites.
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