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Thread: Bleeding wing?

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    Bleeding wing?

    hi all

    i noticed that there is blood on my lovebirds wing. it looks brown so i think i might have dried, i have provided a link with a picture below, but there seems to be more brown when she lifts up her wing.
    she was out of her cage earlier on, so i'm not sure if she hit it or something?
    she's only very young and isn't hand tamed.
    any advice on how to approach this situation would be much appreciated.

    picture: https://imgur.com/a/DoKqyUZ

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    Re: Bleeding wing?

    It could be a broken blood feather. As long as it is not bleeding now, that is a plus. Usually, they pull out the feather. It is simply a feather that broke off, and the small piece of the feather qull stays in the skin and bleeds. If you see it bleeding again, always use corn starch, or flour to stop the bleeding. You would need to take your bird to an avian vet if that happens. They would have to remove the feather quill.

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    Re: Bleeding wing?

    I agree with Ellen. It's more than likely a blood feather that broke off. It's always a good thing to keep corn starch, flour or even a stypic pencil to stop the bleeding. If your lovie seems bothered by the feather, either take it to the vet and have the vet pull the feather out or a reputable bird dealer. It can be done at home by using tweezers or similar, you would have to pull the quill the same direction as it's coming out the skin. Trying to keep a bird still with one person holding while the other is pulling for a period of time is quite the challenge. I recommend that if you have never done it before, than don't do it.
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