Hi all, I have been looking into a harness for my Budgie and I've heard mixed opinions on them. Some people say that since he's such a smol boi, it could traumatize him and break our bond but some say it's good to use to keep him safe. I have a good bond with him and he knows I won't hurt him but, he doesn't like being touched on the back of his head, his back, etc, he will occasionally let me gently rub his belly and under his wing but other than that he doesn't like to be touched. He is easily frightened by certain things, to give some insight on his personality, when I was first trying to train him I read never to put a hand in his cage (at the time, I didn't know too much about him or parakeets in general so I believed what I read for the most part) so I used a towel, if he flew away I caught him with a towel. When he learned to step up and began to understand that I have no intention of eating him (lol) ,there was no use for the towel, but every time I hold something up that resembles a towel, he freaks, he doesn't mind standing on towels, just if I hold them up. If I get a harness, i don't want it to be like a towel to him, I don't know if he could be traumatized by his harness,and I can't tell him (in any way he would understand) that the harness wont hurt him. I don't know if I should get him a harness or not. I don't know if he will think of it as a towel and never trust me again or if he will not even care and enjoy the experience. Please leave me some advice.