Hi, my male tiel (Yuki) is about 7 months old now and while it took a while for us to bond as he was pretty much a wild bird, I think I have the opposite problem now in that we're too bonded!

He's the only bird I have and I try and spend as much time as I can with him, he's generally a pretty vocal boy as he loves a good sing and a whistle, but recently I can't leave his sight without him screaming non-stop. I can't even go in the kitchen to cook food or wash the pots without him screaming, even though the kitchen is visible from his cage! From what I've read I'm assuming that he's panicking and screaming because his one and only flock member has left him on his own, and I've tried whistling and calling back to him, but it doesn't stop the screaming. I've tried giving him treats when he's quiet and I've tried leaving the room and letting him scream it out but unfortunately, I live in an apartment and I don't think my neighbours would appreciate the screaming so I can't really keep trying that method!

I've thought about getting another tiel for a while, not only because of the screaming but also because I feel guilty whenever I have to leave him alone anyway (I'm out for most of the day at work). I wasn't going to rush out and get another bird before as he seemed fairly happy, but now he's started with the screaming I'm wondering if it would be the best option. I'm hoping that if he has another flock member, he wouldn't be so panicky and screamy whenever I'm not with him, and the screaming wouldn't happen whenever I'm out of his sight. I am obviously worried as well though that I could end up with two screamers!

My dad has a very placid budgie so I brought him over last night and I'm going to keep him for a few days (in the same very large cage when I'm around to supervise and in separate cages when I'm not), just to see what effect another bird has on Yuki. So far it's been very very quiet except for Yuki singing to the budgie, which I love! While they're not very friendly with each other, they're also not aggressive - there may be a bit of a peck if personal space is invaded, but there's no chasing or aggression from either of them with each other. Yuki has, however, become more aggressive at me when I go to scratch him in the cage or on the floor which is very unusual, but also he's sat on my shoulder as I'm typing this and accepting scratches now so I'm not sure what the deal is there.

This budgie however is also very quiet itself and very rarely makes any noise, so I'm not sure what Yuki would do with another vocal bird. I enjoy the whistling and singing, and can handle some screaming as that's just what birds do, but it's the constant screaming whenever I leave the room that's the issue. I know the general advice is usually to have two cockatiels anyway, but I'm just wondering what people think would happen in my situation if another tiel is introduced. I would get another male by the way, as I don't want to risk any breeding.