Decided to just look at both metal and wood and see what can find. It seems to expensive to get a new metal one unless I am lucky . But even then I am struggling as most seem to have no safety door on them. I found one wood one that seems okay, it needs door repaired but it looked mostly okay for a used one. Worst thing is its too far away and parents won't pick it up for me. So that one is probabaly a no.

I wish could get somebody to build one for me. I'd love something bigger with two sections really then could have some other species of birds. But haha probs never gonna happen as dad won't want more the grass taken up. Plus then if If I move out in few years it could be an issue if no space for it. LOL but space for avairies is a must in my eyes XDD

Also google images has better aviaries then can find for sale lol. I can only dream I suppose.