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Thread: Beware of Wayley's Dailies - Based out of Rockford, Ill USA

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    Beware of Wayley's Dailies - Based out of Rockford, Ill USA

    I thought I would alert all of my fellow FID Lovers!!!

    I was at the local parrot rescue picking up some food for Tango and there was a sign posted about a company that makes bird food. It's called Wayley's Dailies based out of Rockford, Illinois and they claim to be organic. When I reviewed the website, all the items looked dehydrated. So I decided to dig deeper and people are complaining that shipments are not being sent out as promised, orders are missing labels for ingredients and weight, the packaging is inferior and the scary part is birds are getting VERY ILL and some of them have even died from this food source.

    When I spoke to the owner of the parrot rescue, she ensured me that anything that is made like the birdie bread, carrots and peas mash is all made by her and her employees. She was very concerned that if any of her customers purchased food from Wayley's Dailies, their birds life could be at risk. Many of the birds that were eating this food had suffered liver problems and many of them had to go through detox.

    There are many complaints about this store on the Better Business Bureau website. Since I am not a facebook user and hubby is, he was was also reading about other people who have used this product as a food source for their beloved fids and they are either extremely ill or perished.

    I added a link for your review..


    The Facebook page my husband found was called "Happy Wings Sanctuary". It was absolutely shocking what I read..
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