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Thread: Bum wing on my budgie?

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    Bum wing on my budgie?

    Hi, all!
    Weíve had one of our budgies for about two weeks now and then bought two more about a week ago. When Green Beans was alone he was in a smaller cage so I didnít notice him not flying around much. Heís eating, active, chirpy and putting some weight on. He was in a bit of rough shape when we got him - looked stressed out. We purchased a larger cage for him and his new friends. And now we are seeing some flying issues. He can fly out to the swing in the middle of the cage but anything further than that...seems like he just canít keep himself up so he lands on the bottom and climbs around. The other two are all over the place.
    He seems to be holding his wing a bit oddly - not all the way flush to the back and angled a bit off. He moves the wing normally, stretches it out and preens fine. He has held it like this since we got him but I figured it was from his stress level. And since he flew okay in the smaller cage, I didnít think anything of it.
    Weíll be taking him to the vet Saturday morning unless yíall tell me this is more urgent. I sure donít want him hurting.
    Thanks in advance and Iíll be reading up on being a better budgie mama.
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    Re: Bum wing on my budgie?

    Hi, and welcome to the community! Green Beans is beautiful.I cannot see how the wing looks when extended. Is there a possibility his wings could have been clipped either just before you got him, or by the breeder? If so, that would explain why he is unable to fly properly. Often times they cannot land properly. Wing clipping has to be done properly so they do not land hard, or do what I call nose dive! I do not think it is an emergency to take him to an avian vet, but I agree he needs to go there at your early convenience so they can evaluate the body and both wings, and give him a wellness check. Hopefully, they can strraighten up a poor wing clip so he will not land hard. Both wings should have been clipped. If only one was clipped, he definitely would have trouble flying. Please keep us posted. He looks perfectly fine to me, other then your observation of his inabi!ity to fly proper!y. He is precious!!! We will welcome updates!!
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    Re: Bum wing on my budgie?

    Greenbeans is a very beautiful bird. I see in his pictures that he is holding it out just a little bit so maybe he did hurt it when he was a young baby or hopefully it might be just be a feather that got bent or broke that is bothering him enough that it hinders his flight. I am happy you are taking him to a vet so they can examine him and let you know what is wrong and why he isn't flying around. Even if it is not treatable birds are very adaptable to disabilities and he will be fine.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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