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Thread: Mold and hot air

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    Mold and hot air

    Look, as it turns out, there's mold in my apartment behind the bathroom walls. I'm going to remove it, of course, and purchase a bathroom heater. But while I'm working on it, I have a question. I read that the budgies have a sensitive respiratory system. So how traumatic is mold or dry air to their lungs
    Upd. Problem solved. I ordered Broan from these guys. Workers removed the mold and installed a wall heater, so everything's fine for now. The only thing I am worried about is that I have one of "smart" toilets that speak to you, and I am afraid of a heart attack if it will do something suddenly
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    Re: Mold and hot air

    Hi, Rachel and welcome to the community. Mold is traumatic to both human and animal or bird lungs. I would suggest your resolving this problem immediately for the safety of you and the budgies, as you plan to do.

    Further, when you do have the replacement work done, if it were me, I would find a good friend, or someone who knows how to care for budgies to take them to their home and care for them for a week or two, because there will be metal fumes, etc , that will occur when the repairs are done, and even after. I had a water heater installed in my apartment this summer, and there was a metal smell for a week or so in my place.

    Fumes and mold are two of the worst issues for all humans and birds. And mold can also cause cancer in humans. Perhaps also in birds and animals as well.
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    Re: Mold and hot air

    I agree with Ellen to take your bird out of the house while the work is being done. Is it behind the walls and you will need to change out the sheetrock because of it? Or is it somewhere you can spray it with bleach to kill the mold? Our bathroom has issues with moisture in our back bedroom and also behind the toilet towards the floor in the winters when its cold and wet outside. We will take our bird in his cage into another bedroom and close the door and seal the hole at the bottom of the door so smells cannot get in and spray bleach on the wall to get rid of the mold. It works here but it is surface mold because of the cold and moisture in the winters. If you have a friend or relative you can hopefully take your bird to there house to keep it safe while you spray or have work done but if not a sealed room works good to keep them protected.
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    Re: Mold and hot air

    I am in total agreement with Ellen and Deanna in regards to the mold remediation. Mold is very nasty stuff and our birds lungs are just tiny comparing to ours. Also, if you are looking into getting a heater for your bathroom, make sure the heater doesn't have any materials made with Teflon. That will definitely harm or even kill your beloved budgie. I too recommend that you leave your budgie with a responsible family member or a good friend or perhaps look into temporarily boarding your budgie while the work is being done on your bathroom.
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