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Thread: Does my budgie like me?

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    Does my budgie like me?

    Hi everyone! Iíve got a new baby budgie .. he is about 13 weeks old .. Iíve had him for 3 weeks & he is still not sure of me
    If I put my hand in the cage and donít move it .. he hides behind his toy, but if I sit next to the cage & close my eyes he will do that too
    Today I had my hand in the outside of the cage just resting... he moved away but still faced me and it was like he was talking to me while I spoke to him quietly
    Do you think this is a break through? Iím worried he is never going to trust me. Iíve tried holding millet and keeping my hand still .. he just wonít have it
    BTW he only learnt to get up on his swing this week ... you can tell he is very happy with himself as he keeps getting g on and off and then Bobs his head around with a little side dance left and right

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    Re: Does my budgie like me?

    Hi, and welcome to the community! I think he is doing great. Keep sitting by his cage, eat a snack while sitting there, give him a treat in cage at the same time, play some music on a radio or CD player for him too, and just keep talking, and talking softly to him. Put pieces of the millet sprig in a separate cup for him, and even add some of the millet seeds off the sprig mixed in with his seed mix, and even some on a small plate on the floor. Once he starts eating the millet, I can bet he will come to you for more, because budgies and all parrots love millet.

    Budgies love their swings, and they also love mirrors. It will not be a problem at all to get him a mirror. My budgies have always loved their mirror girlfriends. His dancing and bobbing his head means he is very happy with you and his new home.

    Each day he will become more trusting of you. Time and patience are on your side. Enjoy your journey with him. Budgies are the best pet! They are loving, intelligent, happy, singing, chatting, and sweet little parrots. We will watch for updates!

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    Re: Does my budgie like me?

    Thanks for your reply!

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