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Thread: Budgie Tips? Boy or Girl?

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    Smile Budgie Tips? Boy or Girl?

    Hi! I am a new member here. I am likely getting a parakeet soon, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips for me? Like, what to do when I bring it home, or what kinds of toys to get? I am also specifically sondering if I should get a mirror for it, and if I should get a boy or a girl? I have done a lot of research, and I am leaning towards a boy, but does anyone have any compelling reasons to get a girl instead?

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    Re: Budgie Tips? Boy or Girl?

    Hi, and welcome to the community. Personally, I would prefer a boy parakeet, only because even without a male in the cage, females can lay eggs. And egg laying is very stressful for hens, and can also cause egg binding, and or chronic egg laying. Egg binding means that the hen cannot push out an egg. And that requires rushing the hen to an avian vet, who must help by removing the egg. The hen can die due to this emergency. Chronic egg laying means a hen lays eggs all the time, rather than the usual fall and spring season, and that causes a hen to lose too much calcium, and it too can compromise the health of the hen and cause death.

    I have homed parakeets and budgies for many years. Males are a perfect pet, and they do love their mirrors. They are a species of parrot that do well living alone, and do not have horminal issues with mirrors in the cage. My parakeet, Muffin, has 3 mirror girlfriends!!!

    When you do find your parakeet, I suggest you use a breeder, if possible, and one who will do
    A dna sex test so you will know you have a male. Most let shops do not do the test. And it is very difficult to sex a baby parakeet without the test.

    Parakeets and budgies love life, their food, toys, mirrors, music, and males can also learn to talk. They are easy to take care of, and do well alone, or with other parakeets.

    When you get your new baby, stop by, or even before you get him, and ask any questions you might have concerning his care.
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    Re: Budgie Tips? Boy or Girl?

    I agree with Ellen, boys are so much easier to have because you do not have to worry about hormones and then egg laying which is sadly very dangerous for them. I have two friends who had their females die from egg binding and its a awful way to lose them. Boys are just too easy. They will find ways to pleasure themselves when they are feeling hormonal and sometimes they can be really mean and might even attack you out of hormonal frustrations but it least they will not die because of egg binding.
    Fly Free Boomer, we will forever love you.

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